Christian Henderson B.

~ My Portafolio ~

About Me (WIP)

I grew up looking to create my own games with my own assets. So, since the school days, I began learning a little bit of everything that concerned videogame development. I’ve always enjoyed telling stories through visual art, music, games, and writing, seeking to transmit those emotions and experiences that life won’t normally feed us with. I’m always full of game and model ideas and I’m always busy working on them. I enjoy working alone, but working with the right team is always a fun experience.

My main skills are 3D Art (Modelling/Texturing/etc) and programming (in Unity, mostly). However, I always make my own music, sounds, design, animation, writing, etc., when I need them. I like mixing up the skills to come up with new stuff, stuff that a programmer or an artist wouldn't come up with without throughout knowledge of the other one.

And as time goes by, I discover more. I love the unknown.

Involution Saga is my biggest project; the very canvas of my imagination, a bizarrely huge mountain I'm yet to begin climbing.

I like fantasy, mystery, dragons, mountains, hiking, nature, the sea, the infinite stars, the roaring universe, the wild and brooding eyes of the world, the gentle breeze of autumn, the nostalgic colors of the sunset, the breathing mountain’s summit, the silence from above, the reverbing presence of a past, the landscape of life, and the purity of a place where time cares not to pass, where dreams are true and become home to let us feel and to let it last.

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